Delivery and Office Closure Updates for Feb 17, 15

Due to the current road conditions, routes out of the Edwardsville and Du Quoin hubs will run at least 1 hour late for Tuesday Feb 17, 2015.  Routes out of the Champaign hub are scheduled to run normally.  


Also, the Edwardsville and Du Quoin offices are opening late to allow employees time to travel safely to work.  

July 23, 2014 -- Serials

Road and Track (0035-7189) changed its publication pattern to 10 times per year in 2014.
To use the updated pattern, go to your Serial Holdings Record, right click on the current publication pattern and choose ‘Close Pattern.’ Save the SHR. Link to Check In and delete all the Expected issues for the rest of 2014. Then go back to your Serial Holdings Record and create a new publication pattern using the template for ‘Road and Track (0035-7189).
Shelley Stone, Cataloging Supervisor

July 15, 2014 -- Cataloging

Please check your shelves for 20th century journey memoir of a life and the times by William L. Shirer.  

Control #151816 and control #2331531

These records are multi-part records so this is an instance when volume information is required.  If your item record does not currently have volume information, please add your information into the volume field. 

Cheri Schuler-Faust, Cataloger


July 1,2014 -- Cataloging

Transformers : Beginnings produced by Joshua Foster --  control number 1341532.  This is NOT Transformers (Motion Picture : 2007).  In one of the legacy databases, someone had changed the bibliographic record to match the item in hand -- with no regard to what the OCLC record actually was for.  Bibliographic record now matches what is in OCLC.
Check your holdings on this bibliographic record, and if your item does not match, please move to an appropriate bib record for the item you have.  If you need help matching, please ask.
Joan Bauer